DG Bazi is a digital game and application publisher, focused on Iran’s untapped market.
Our strong and continuous partnership with role playing local media sources, marketing key players, distribution channels, and huge gamer networks, along with our experience in launching game campaigns in local market, has given us this ability to reach some great results in Iran’s profitable game ecosystem.
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We can provide you with market insights to guarantee your success in the booming market of Iranian gamers.
We will cooperate with you to pick up the best set of games from your catalog for Iran’s market and then launch it by offering these services:
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- Acquiring Legal Publishing Permissions
- Localization Support (translation, artworks, voice, and music)
- User Acquisition (Iranian ad-networks including high ranking websites, mobile ads, carrier notifications, etc.)
- Local Payment Methods (internet payment gateway, SMS payment, carrier billing, USSD payment, full money collection, and transfer process and reports)
- Gamer Support (in Farsi)
- Call Center
- Local Server Hosting Facilities
- User Retention Management
- Visibility Campaigns
- Press Releases and Media Coverage
Based on demography of internet users, Middle East countries such as Iran has a really good internet penetration rate comparing to other countries. Around 56,700,000 of Iran's population (68.5%) are internet users.
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Internet Penetration (June 2016)

Middle East
World Average
Rest Of The World
An interesting thing about Iran’s app market is that local app store take the place of famous markets such as Google store and app store. Iran market is an untapped market for good quality games.
We are working in game industry for more than 2 years publishing a few web base game, domestic apps and having cooperation in publishing mobile games.
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